22 Feb 2017

Top Tips on Ways to Save from Health to Entertainment and Everything in Between

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Sometimes as we age and enter retirement, we may find ourselves on a limited budget with limited income. This can make it tough when medical emergencies occur and can also make it difficult to continuing doing the things we enjoy.

Luckily, there are multiple ways you can maximize your income and cut a few corners. Below are some tips you can start on today!

If you have the desire to travel it is worth checking out the website www.trustedhousesitters.com. This website matches travelers with homeowners who need help with looking after their pets or their homes. Also, you can find last minute deals on the mobile app HotelTonight that offers big discounts on hotels without having to book ahead of time.

When it comes to technology there are always new gadgets and gizmos debuting. It can be hard to know what you need and what the best option for that item is. Websites like www.reviewed.com and www.thesweethome.com review technology and home tech gear and include their top rated items as well as a budget pick. It is also important to know when the best time to buy is. Televisions, Blue-ray players , and cameras go on sale during the year- end holidays while computer prices drop late spring. Older Apple products often get discounted when new versions hit the store usually in the fall.

When it comes to projects the Internet has a plethora of DIY videos. YouTube and Wikihow can teach you how to re-grout a bathtub, upholster a chair, etc. Doing the job yourself can help to save big bucks.

When it comes to saving money the most important tip is that almost anything is negotiable. Want to lower your cable TV, telephone, utility or even gym rates? Call up customer service and ask for discounts on your monthly bills. Often, if you tell them you are considering switching to a new provider, they’ll offer a deal rather than lose a customer.

Did you also know that you could check online for unclaimed property for every state where you have lived? You may be surprised to find there is a dividend check, money in savings account you forgot, or an un-cashed refund check. You can visit www.naupa.org to find your state and enter your name.

If you are looking to save on clothing and other accessories, July and January are the best months to shop. Stores need to clear the racks to make way for the next season, so items are heavily discounted.

When it comes to health and healthcare expenses they can be the highest bills you have. Changes around the home to better suit you as you age can also be costly. One thing you can do is widen your doorways for less by installing offset door hinges. They can add an extra couple of inches to the doorway to help fit walkers and wheelchairs through. You can also save on a free “wellness” doctor visit once a year covered by Medicare, if you ask for it by that name exactly. If you ask for a “physical” – a more comprehensive check – you’ll be charged full price.

Lastly, sometimes you need to save when it comes to fun! The best thing to do is to go back in time! Board games were fun when we were young – and still are! Many of the classics such as Twister, Scrabble and the Game of Life have been updated.